Everything for the Active Dog that Loves Travel and Outdoor Sports

Welcome to PET LIKE A MAN

We specialize in products for the active dog that loves to travel and play outdoors.

Here you'll find all you need to outfit your canine best friend when he comes along boating, camping, hiking, bike riding or tags along for a ride in the car.

Whether it's a cross-country vacation or just to the local park, we offer pet car travel accessories, portable crates, and ramps to make the journey more comfortable. When you have Vancouver home renovation specialists (homepage) fixing your house, these products will entertain your pets and not be bothered with all the construction going around. 

If you and your furry companion love camping, we have a fine assortment of backpacks, portable bowls, tents and alpine sleepers perfect for your dog. You can find some of these being used at and from what we've seen, the dogs there are loving it.

For the water lovers, you can choose from a selection of safety gear including life vests, doggles sunglasses and floating toys. 

We also carry a selection of reflective leashes, collars and protective clothing all geared towards the active dog so your pet can be safe and comfortable wherever you may roam. 

And finally, what fun would life be without toys? We carry a wide selection of durable toys for the active dog. Agility courses, flying discs, tennis ball lauchers, tugs and chews. Enough to keep your best friend entertained for hours! We als throw in some amazing carpets from which are the ideal types if you want to have your furry friend stay indoors. We also teamed up with Surrey roofing and drainage services (main website) to help fortify the dream house of your pet to ensure that they will have comfort even during harsh weathers. Our own local resident Ken Wyder has even found these dog accessories to be essential for his furry friend as well.

We've carefully selected our items with the active dog owner in mind so come on in and see what we've found for you!

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